TiToYo Changelog

VersionDescriptionRelease date
0.1.0 Initial release version November 2010
0.2.0 - Modified controll of XML support and localization in devices- Modified controll of version (microversion included)  
1.0.0 - recoding so that the application is able to work with optional APIs (in accordance with JSR 248 cap 8.1) 6.12.2010
1.1.0 Implemented filtering option for traffic informations. Aplication shows besides speed radars also accidents, constraints and patrols. Significant work has been done on the server side in processing the information. 4.1.2011
0.1.0 Initial release for Android. Port from Java ME. Minimal required version Android 1.6. Main functionalities of Android UI- buttons and tabs. 15.3.2011
0.1.1 Implementation of notification function. App notifies, in case the user wants so, of traffic events in the area of 5 km. Controled with new button Notification and following multiple choice of 4 options - radars, accidents, contraints and patrols 7.4.2011
0.2.0 On application side - new preference screen, implementation of SQLite database for faster and more robust functionality, new traffic information detail screen, icon redesign, options for setting the maximum age of traffic informationOn server side - traffic informations are downloaded to a dedicated database so vast history is now available. 20.6.2011
2.0.0 New functionalities in possibility of location selection, setting maximum age of traffic informations. Possibility of location selection for mobiles without GPS support. 30.7.2011
0.3.0 TiToYo covers Czech republic. Modification of functionalities: limitation of 20 messages per page, country flag with long-hold selection, auto update of traffic messages at startup, notification mods 6.10.2011
intial release TiToYo released for Nokias with Qt support. Initial release covers traffic information from Slovakia and Czech republic 19.12.2011
0.3.2 New features - limit on number of downloaded messages (eases the volume of data) and coverage limit (national, county, district). Small improvements in the user interface 30.12.2011
0.3.2 New features - limit on number of downloaded messages (eases the volume of data) and coverage limit (national, county, district). 9.1.2012
0.3.3 TiToYo brings coverage of Hungary. 31.1.2012
0.3.4 TiToYo brings coverage of Hungary. No-position handling can be set-up in case the device is not able to determine its current location and limits on downloaded number or coverage are in place. Also the icons in ListView are colored. 31.1.2012
1.3.0 Mapping feature 10.3.2012
1.3.0 Mapping feature 10.3.2012
1.3.0 Release of TiToYo for Windows Phone devices 15.9.2012
2.3.0 Completely rewritten application for Android devices, utilizing multiple screen sizes, common UI accross Android versions, Google Maps V2 implemented 10.3.2013
1.0.0 Release of TiToYo for iPhone 20.8.2013

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