TiToYo frequently asked questions

Q: On which mobile phones TiToYo works ?

A: TiToYo works on all modern mobiles with Java ME support. Java ME is installed on all modern mobiles Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola. TiToYo has been released also for a growing family of Nokias with Qt support (running on S60 5th edition and modern Symbian^3 Anna and Symbian^3 Belle)

Q: Does TiToYo run also on iPhone?

A: Yes TiToYo does run on iPhone.

Q: I have Android. Can I use TiToYo on Android?

A: TiToYo runs on smartphones with minimal version Android 1.6 (Donut).

Q: It takes too long to receive location information from GPS on Android, what can I do ?

A: Slow determination of location is casued mainly by the fact, that the device does not "see" the satelites. Usually it is casued by the fact, that the device is located inside a room or the visibility of the sky is somehow limited. There is however a possibility to set the method of location determination in options. It helps when "Use of wireless networks" and/or "Use assisted GPS" is enabled. These methods speed up location determination.

Q: Where does TiToYo get info on traffic events from ?

A: Information about traffic events are processed on the server. There is a server side program, which gathers info from various internet sources. Afterwards the data is pushed trough a lexicoligical engine, which decodes the information about the location from the traffic message text and using the database it set location of traffic information (event). These information are then taken over by the TiToYo application in the mobile phone.

Q: How often is the traffic information updated on the server ?

A: Traffic information is updated on the server every 10 minutes.

Q: My mobile phone does not have a GPS navigation, can I use TiToYo ?

A: Yes. Not all mobiles do have GPS support. On these mobiles it is possible to mannualy enter the location.

Q: TiToYo is not starting on the mobile. Instead a allert about XML shows up.

A: Some of the older types of mobile phone do not have in their Java ME environment a support for XML processing. TiToYo exchanges information on the server in XML format and thus it is required for the mobile to be able to process such information. On these mobiles TiToYo will not work.

Q: Does TiToYo access the internet ?

A: Yes. TiToYo accesses interent. The amount of data transferred is not huge because of the textual and localization character of the data.

Q: I have a Windows Phone device, can I use TiToYo ?

A: Yes. TiToYo has released application for Windows Phone devices on September 2012.

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