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Traffic information in your mobile

Bratislava, 10.5.2011

The aim of the new project named "TiToYo" is to deliver traffic information to the large group of drivers directly to their mobile devices, not only in Slovakia, but in whole Europe. The goal is a better safety on roads.

According to the iniciatior and creator, who develops this application, project has a huge potentential thanks to the planned functionality of collaboration - active submission of traffic events - which allow modern information technologies. "Driver's cell phone receives up-to-date news about traffic sitiation. Since February, the application has been tested among hundreds of testers with only positive responses,"  explains Juraj Mery. So far, the application is distributed only via specilized internet forums in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Despite the promotion absence, the number of users - testers grows daily.
According to the creator of "TiToYo" application, the traffic info in commercial radio broadcast is so extensive, that the listener at the end of the anouncement often forgets what has been said at the beginning. "Current massive improvement of mobile info technologies allows development of apps in such areas, where mobile technologies have never been used before," adds Juraj Mery. Initial release of the app has been created for the still wide range of cell phones with Java environment support (e.g. Nokia, Sony Ericsson). However, further development of the application is targeting the ever increasing family of intelligent smartphones, which provide excellent graphics and GPS navigation by default.
Detailed information can be found at www.titoyo.eu.

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